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CPAP in Edmonton: Help for Sleep Apnea Sufferers

At CPAP Solutions Inc. we provide Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) equipment and professional care to customers requiring specialized medical equipment to treat specific sleep disorders such as sleep apnea as diagnosed by a medical doctor or specialist. Services are provided to patients by a sleep professional who specializes in treating specific sleep disorders and equipment for CPAP. Edmonton patients can also receive testing as required by your attending physician.

Working with Other Medical Professionals
Since we aim to be the premier provider of CPAP equipment to patients, we will work very closely with your medical professionals to ensure you receive the very best care possible. We will endeavour to communicate results of treatment to the referring physician in a prompt and professional manner. You and your doctor can expect an annual follow-up to ensure your CPAP needs are continually met and that you are satisfied.

Courteous, Fast Customer Service
Our belief is that our success will be driven by our philosophy that doctors and clients be dealt with fairly, and in a prompt, professional and courteous manner. We recognize that the future success of CPAP Solutions Inc. relies on the referral of new clients from very satisfied former clients and in the confidence placed in us by their referring medical professionals. We believe that excellent service standards should be reliable and we will ensure that this remains a priority.

Regular Follow-Up on CPAP Equipment
After you set up your equipment you’ll be contacted by phone for the first week, then weekly for the first month. We’ll continuing following up for 3 to 6 months. You are encouraged to call with any problems or concerns at any time. Regular reports will be sent to your physician.

Annually meetings will be scheduled in order to check your equipment. We make sure it is in proper working order and provide information on any new developments for the equipment like masks. We collect updated data from you to make sure you aren’t experiencing sleep apnea signs or symptoms.

Wide Selection of CPAP Machines, Humidifiers and Masks
At CPAP Solutions Inc., you will find a wide selection of CPAP machines, humidifiers, and masks. We have a collection of equipment from the most basic to the newest in technology. Updated equipment is available for everyone, whether you’re new or an existing user of CPAP. Edmonton patients remember: we will always make sure you are completely comfortable with the equipment you’ve purchased.

At CPAP Solutions Inc., we’re committed to making sure you are informed about sleep apnea, its treatment, and our CPAP products. Please stop by our Edmonton store to ask questions. We’re located at the corner of 103rd Avenue and 170th Street in Edmonton in the Quickcard Building, across from Mayfield Common. There is ample parking and a bus stop outside, and we are wheelchair accessible.

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