The Most Prolific Snorers in History

Summary: This blog looks at some of history’s greatest leaders as people who drove others crazy with the sound of their snoring. If snoring is a problem for you, however, don’t accept it as commonplace. Be sure to visit a sleep specialist to find out if more is going on.

It’s a part of human nature to want to compare our own character traits and habits to some of the most famous, well-known figures from history. Snoring is particularly of interest in this regard! And as it is nothing to be ashamed of, after all, it is nice to compare and take a look at how others solved the issue.

Queen Victoria often fell asleep during the day. It was said that her ladies in waiting often had to move her a little bit and rearrange the chairs and cushions frequently to make it look as if she was awake. President Theodore Roosevelt snored so loudly that other residents of the hospital wing complained. He had to be moved to his own wing just so everyone else could get some sleep. He was an extremely loud snorer throughout his life, despite being an outdoor fitness enthusiast.

Winston Churchill was another snorer who had to make other sleep arrangements for himself. He was said to take two hour naps during the day, usually about late afternoon, and then get up and work deep into the night. Lady Churchill was said to prefer it this way. She often slept in a soundproofed room so that nothing could wake her. Churchill, however, lived to be ninety, despite health issues and his unusual sleep habits.

Tom Cruise is another person with his own ‘snoratorium,’ a room where no sounds can disturb anyone. Of course, in a home worth $20M US there is definitely room to build one. When Cruise was married to Katie Holmes, The Daily Mail in the UK pointed out the current popularity of these rooms, saying that “they are proving popular among ageing action heroes who are now in or reaching their 40s”.

Other famous celebrities were also known for the sound of their snores – Elizabeth Taylor was a noisy sleeper, as well. Thomas Edison didn’t sleep at all. Edison, apparently, found sleep such a waste of time that he invented the lightbulb just so that he could work all night (allegedly, of course)!

Most of these mentioned as some of history’s most prolific snorers had other things in common. They were those with the weight of the world on their shoulders. From “aging action stars” to world leaders, these people had stressful and busy lives. They found their own ways of coping with their need for sleep.

Like Churchill, many of these leaders were stressed, overworked, and overweight, as well as being in poor health and heavy smokers and drinkers. These notorious snorers may have also suffered from sleep apnea, a condition where the airways close in sleep and the snoring sleeper must wake to breathe. It affects many people, not only those considered to be in poor health. If your snoring is such that it keeps you or your family awake, then find out what is causing it. Don’t lock yourself away in a sound-proofed bedroom. Visit the sleep specialists at to find out how you can get a better night’s sleep.

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