Three Ways to Cope with a Snoring Partner

Summary: When you can’t sleep because your partner’s snoring is keeping you awake, it can be frustrating. But before you get a divorce, try these tips. You could sleep apart, or you could check to see what is causing the snoring. Maybe they have allergies, but they may have sleep apnea. Convince your partner to do a sleep study.

It’s frustrating when you can’t sleep, but when you can’t sleep because of an issue that is going on with someone else in the house, it is even more frustrating. Here are three ways to cope when it’s your snoring partner keeping you awake.

How do you bring the subject up in the first place? Sometimes that’s the hard part. Don’t wait until you are so tired and frustrated from lack of sleep, however. Many people who snore already know that they snore, but they may not be aware of how difficult it is for the partner. You could move into a separate bedroom, or send your partner to another room, but to do that permanently is a bit of a rejection. Sleeping somewhere else is one way of coping. It may be a permanent solution, or just a temporary one.

If the snoring isn’t serious, and you don’t think your partners snoring is anything to worry about, you can just give him or her a bit of a prod to make them turn over. Often the change of position will kind of reset the vibrations long enough for you to fall asleep. Another thing that you can do is see if your partner snores every night, or if it is just sometimes. Some people are not chronic snorers, but only snore during hay fever season, or perhaps around the holidays when they have had a bit too much food and drink. In that case, solutions are easy. Check to see if there are any common triggers that make him or her more wheezy at night, or if there are foods that open up the nasal passages and will help your partner breathe easier. Some people actually gargle with garlic and onions before bed. Well, never mind the snorer — if you gargle with the garlic, then they might volunteer to sleep somewhere else!

But one more thing. Remember that snoring isn’t always a joke. If you think that the snoring is a problem for your partner and of course for you, then then visit a sleep specialist at CPAP Solutions Inc. and have a sleep study done. If your partner is constantly tired the next day, falls asleep in dangerous situations and wakes frequently to catch his breath, then they may have sleep apnea, and this can be treated with a breathing mask or other apparatus to open their windpipes and make sure that they are getting the required amount of sleep every night.

Sleep apnea can be life threatening. Snoring is not always something serious, but sleep apnea is. And not everyone who snores has sleep apnea, but everyone with sleep apnea does snore, sputter, cough and gasp for breath in their sleep. It can be frustrating, but it’s no joke. Sometimes, only the sleep partner realizes what may be going on. So, bring the subject up with your partner, and visit CPAP Solutions Inc. to see what’s going on.

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