Tips on How to Adjust to Sleeping While Using a CPAP Machine

Summary: Getting used to sleeping while wearing a CPAP mask can be difficult, but it can be done. Give yourself some time to get used to it and very soon you will be noticing the benefits of getting a good sleep.

Is the thought of wearing a device to help keep your airways open while you sleep worrying you a little bit? Maybe you are concerned that it’s going to be hard to get to sleep while wearing a breathing mask. Will it be uncomfortable, heavy, too warm, itchy, painful, or noisy? Will it keep your bed partner awake? These are good questions because it actually can take some time to get used to wearing the CPAP machine, but it can be done. Here are some tips to help you adjust.

Give It a Fair Chance
The first tip is an obvious one. It will be easier to adjust to wearing the apparatus if you have accepted the need to wear it, and accepted that wearing it will help to make things better. Things will not change if you don’t give the machine a chance. For the first 30 days, try to wear the machine for most of the night as you sleep.

Set an Alarm
Sometimes though, you might push it off while you are sleeping. If this is a problem, address why you think you might be pushing it off. If this is a problem, set an alarm in the night to wake and check if you are still wearing the mask. If not, put it back on. Set the alarm for later and later in the night as you keep it on for longer.

If you feel like a little more training in becoming accustomed to the machine, wear it during the day sometimes just to get used to the feel of the machine and to make sure it fits properly. Once your body feels comfortable with the fit and the feel, you will find it easier.

Try a Different Machine
If the one you have is not fitting comfortably or staying on, then try a different one. Another type might be a better fit for you. Some machines are smaller, lighter or quieter than other models. As more people wear the machines and give feedback on what works and what doesn’t, the machines will continue to improve to make them easier to sleep with.

Discuss the variety of CPAP machines available with your doctor and the store where they are sold. It will take time to get accustomed to wearing the CPAP machine, but as it begins to make a difference in the quality of your sleep, you will probably find that wearing it will be easier, especially as the time goes on. If your sleep doesn’t improve, or you find that some of the side effects of wearing the machine are getting worse instead of better as time goes on, then talk to CPAP specialist to see if the machine you have is actually the right one for you.

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