What Are Common Side Effects of CPAP Therapy?

Summary: Wearing a CPAP mask to help you sleep may have a few side effects, especially if the mask doesn’t fit properly, but it will soon become a part of a good night’s sleep. Make sure it is a good fit, and don’t put up with a bad fitting mask. Talk to your CPAP solutions Inc. provider if you have any concerns at all about the mask you have because if it doesn’t fit, it can’t do its job.

If you are just starting to wear a CPAP mask while you are sleeping, you might not be too sure about it. Are you wondering about some of the side effects from keeping the mask on your face all night? There are some positive effects you are probably noticing already, like an improved night’s sleep, and less snoring. Those affects might transfer into better performance and alertness during the day as well. You are likely finding that the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep are some of the definite positive effects. Are there any negative side effects?

Wearing the mask can take some getting used to. Pushing it off at night might seem like a natural inclination, but if all aspects of wearing the mask are managed, then the negative side effects will be considerably lessened.

The mask should be comfortable, but if it doesn’t fit, it might be uncomfortable. Things that don’t fit properly usually are and don’t work properly either. Masks that fit properly will not move around while you sleep and will work better.

There are a couple of side effects from a poorly fitting mask. Masks that are too big or too small might hurt the skin around the mask. It could leave red marks on your skin such as blisters or rashes, and those could do more damage than just look odd, and feel painful in the morning. Rashes, cuts, or blisters will get worse if they are not treated, and the pain and discomfort probably won’t make it easy to put the ill-fitting mask back on again.

As well, if it’s too big, it may leak, and there are many problems if it leaks. Leaking will affect how well it keeps the airways open, since the air will flow in the wrong place. Dryness around the mouth and nose might occur as well if you are breathing too much dry air at night. This might mean nosebleeds, or damage to the jaw or teeth. Some masks and machines include a humidifier to help with dryness and congestion, and a nasal spray could help as well.

If the mask leaks, it might be getting pushed by your head as you sleep. There are specific accessories like a special pillow that will help make that better, or help to make the mask more comfortable.

The mask could save your life if sleep apnea is a problem for you so keep wearing it and you will get used to it.

It is important to keep wearing the mask if it has been prescribed, hence the number of options to help with the problems and side effects. There are many different kinds and types, so if one doesn’t seem right, or fit right, then try another. The most important side effect is a better night sleep. Talk to your doctor, or to your CPAP Solution provider who will have the answers and advice you are looking for.

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